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Dismissed from kindergarten


My six year old son is being expelled from his Catholic kindergarten. He says another child told him to ask a girl if a grown up ever touched her privates. She went home told her mother. He was reprimanded but nothing was said to me then the next day they were doing movement minute children were saying shake your arm, leg,etc. My son came out with shake your butt and when told this was in appropriate he added shake your pee pee. He has been home a week with no word about whether he can return or when. They sent child services to my home, who determined there was no cause for concern and as far as I know the school was notified of their findings. My husband and I are looking into other schools. We just hate to see him miss out it is really a good school and he loves it. Change is hard for him. We don't want him to deal with him being labeled either. We pray often believing this a spiritual matter. As similar events took place when he pulled down his pants at daycare at age two and a few times since he gets all this attention and has to stay home for a time. Now they want him in counseling and drugged up and God knows ... How do I protect him and still get him to understand you just can't do these things.

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