"There are no argumentative children; only adults who argue with children."

Boys Will Be Boys?


We have two boys. One just turned 4 and the other is turning 3 this month. They wrestle, fight, hit each other, push each other, etc half of the time happily and the other half angrily. We know this is very normal behavior. But where do you draw the line? Our oldest is currently on the chart system for disobedience and tantrums. If he hits, kicks, threatens us, calls us names, or throws things at anyone he goes straight to his room. Also, if he hits anyone with an object he goes straight to his room. We're just not sure how much to interfere with their hitting and being mean to each other. It's very equal, one is not worse than the other. Our friends and family all smile and say things like, "They're typical siblings," or, "They're just being boys." How much is too much?

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