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Appropriate Chores for Preschooler


What chores are appropriate for a four-year-old to start doing on a regular basis?


This is a great question because it shows that you realize your four-year-old can--and should--contribute to the family's upkeep. This is as essential to a child as regular sleep and food because it solidifies his place in your home. A child who doesn't help out around the house on a regular basis can acquire a sort of "guest" mentality. Chores, both daily, weekly and occasionally, ground a child in his proper place in the family.

And four year olds can do a lot! Some suggestions: helping to collect trash (weekly); setting the table for dinner (daily); clearing own dishes after meals (daily); sorting/matching socks after laundry (weekly); picking up/taking care of own toys/things (daily-weekly); making bed (daily); making own breakfast or lunch (daily). Other chores could include picking up sticks, watering plants, weeding gardens, helping with mulch, etc.

For more on how to implement chores and suggestions for how to teach kids how to do chores, I recommend my ebook Chores for Kids ($2.99), which you can find on my website's store (http://sarahhamaker.com/wp/?product=chores-for-kids-new). I'm also giving a webinar on chores on Jan. 24 (http://sarahhamaker.com/wp/?product=chores-for-kids-webinar-jan-24-2-p-m-et).
Let me know how it goes, and hang in there!

Sarah Hamaker, Certified Leadership Parenting Coach
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