Pre-Schooler Stuck in Season 1


Hi there, i have a little 3.5 year old who is completely out of control. I admit we have let him run the house a little bit as he is a little spitfire and makes things unpleasant(ie screams as loudly as possible) when he doesn’t get his way especially outside the home. It’s embarassing - I usually take him home but that doesn’t seem to work. He will do it again in future. He interrupts incessantly with adult conversations, he throws hour long screaming tantrums (yes we confine him in the laundry), and he rarely listens to instructions without arguing, dawdling or ignoring. He even often throws a fit and outright refuses! Once a really happy, cheerful and affectionate boy now has become increasingly sullen and unhappy. I’ve actually not been able to solve any of the problems especially tantrums and it’s getting from bad to worse lately. How do I take back control and get this little boy under control? It seems nothing we do works. I know we are going to hear a lot of hour long tantrums and it will disturb everyone (we have a small house and 5 neighbours in very close proximity). I do put him in the laundry for tantrums and have been since he was 18 months old - two years on, the tantrums are bigger than ever! Now I have read some questions and answers here which recommend tickets and charts - do you recommend them at all for this age? I’ve just been holding off as he seems a bit young. But we need to do something! Even my very patient husband is at wits end. It’s as though my son has been possessed recently. Any thoughts?

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