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3 YO "Catching" Whining Bug from 2 YO


My 2 year old boy has really developed a whiny attitude. I know this is normal for a 2 year old based on what I've read in Rosemonds book about the transition from 2 to 3 but it has also started to rub off on his older brother, age 3. Every waking moment 2 year old is whining for someone to do something for him and he melts down if no one responds or if he is made to do it himself, such as putting on some of his clothes, shoes, or even eating his food without being spoon fed etc.--things that he is easily able to do or at least put in some effort to do. This attitude is not a characteristic in the 3 year old who is typically always eager to learn a new skill and would work at it until he got it down.

The younger boy has never had any interest in learning anything to do himself but I know he is capable of doing much more than he does and even more than his older brother who is a slower but more eager learner. So my question would be how to keep the older one from being so easily influenced by the bad behavior of the younger and keep him moving forward with learning things which does take longer in general but is somehow easier because his attitude is usually better. As for both boys when there is a meltdown they get isolated in a bedroom which seems to help for the moment but not in lasting way that is producing some positive changes. Maybe it just needs more time but if there is something else to try I'm interested.

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