21 mo Taking Forever to "Get" Toilet Training


We started potty training our son at 21 months, same as we did our other 2 children at that age. We are still struggling with him though after two and half months. He does well when at home with a potty bell, but we still have to assist him in sitting down on the potty when the bell goes off. He knows what the potty bell means, and when we bring him over to the potty, he will sit and go on the potty, then pull his own pants up with minimal if any assistance. He will not however go on his own to the potty when the bell goes off. He also continues to have accidents on a regular basis- more so when we are not at home, or in the evening. He will say "potty" as he is going, not giving enough time to get to the potty. My hunch is that he is lazy-not that he is trying to be defiant about it. At this point, I am not sure how to handle his accidents and help him take more ownership of this process. He is not resistant, and willingly goes to the potty with help, but left to his own devices and he is a mess of pee and poop...pretty frustrating because I know he knows how to put it where it belongs! Further, we are expecting a new baby in a couple weeks and had hoped to be well beyond this point by now!!

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