3 year old hitting at school


Our three-year-olds teacher is on board with the ticket system since he is being aggressive (the behavior we are targeting) at school as well. How should we work this out? She gives him 5 tickets (just like us). She sends a note home every day and tells me how many tickets he lost and why. So today, for example, he lost 4 of 5 tickets at school. Immediately we came home and I took four of his tickets away and made him sit out. I warned him that he had one ticket left for the remainder of the day. He kept his last ticket and did well. Do you think this works well? Should we carry over tickets from school to home? Is there anything you may suggest? I was thinking of having the teacher take away his recess time when he loses so many tickets at school. Any thoughts/advice on how to work on this with the school to eliminate hitting (and other aggressive behavior) would be great appreciated. Thank you.

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