Toilet Training 21 mo, No Progress


We are on Day 6 of toilet training our 21-month old son with N75. We are seeing NO progress from Day 1 to today. We have gated off the kitchen because that is where we spend most of our time, using the potty bell, leave him alone on the potty after telling him to pee or poop in it, have been calmly directing him that his pee or poop go in the potty when he has accidents, and he has only gone in the potty when he just happens to pee while already sitting or when we have caught him straining to poop while standing up and immediately put him on the potty to finish. We have tried both thin underwear and completely naked, and while he will sometimes be alarmed at the pee running down his legs, other times he could not care less and ignores it.

Multiple times a day he sits and produces nothing after 5-10 minutes when the potty bells goes off, but then pees a large amount on the floor after walking away. (This has happened at different intervals and I can't find a pattern of timing.) What do I need to adjust? The only thing I can think of is a smaller gated area to put him in when the bell goes off? Currently, I'm directing him to walk over to the potty in the kitchen when it rings. (I let him have the "reward" of turning off the timer after he has successfully seated himself on the potty, and then I walk away.)

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm pretty sure I will go bonkers caring for a newborn with my toddler leaving puddles of pee all over the place all day long!

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