Time to Toughen Up with Teen


Dear John, you answered my question about my 14 ye old being kicked out of garden for 6 months now and she may be a rebel and we shouldn't start zig zag but stay the course. I'm a wimpy guilty parent with her and therefore she takes advantage of me and her father is upset by this and I go to her defense and then it continues to build this wall between him and I. She know I'm the weakling and not always aware of everything going on around me busy schedule with 2 other toddlers and homeschooling etc. so I think I'M the issue and if I could get over this hump inside me to handle her the way I need to and not being a softy then I could win a victory here and my husband and I be happy and move forward . I don't know how to win the battle with myself!! And she's walking all over me and using my shortcomings against me. Ha! Years ago you told me I need reprogramming and now 6 years have gone by and I'm still in same place. What's wrong with me?! My husband is spot on with everything with kids and they r happy and content and as they should be when he's home but not always with me but the 14 yr old is main issue. Help! It's killing me inside . I want to be this person and not a wimp!

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