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Hi, I am a homeschooling mother of three girls ages 9, 7 and 3. I frequently feel so exhausted around my kids. I KNOW there is a better way, and I keep trying to get there... but I never quite make it as I will explain what today felt like, and how I just feel I am not doing this job right.

We went to the bank today to open a bank account. The process was lengthy and took about 30 minutes. My kids were not listening, being loud. I tried to get them to play telephone games and such, but it was to no avail. So trying to focus on opening the account and then all of them was not fun. A lady finally brought out some crayons.. that lasted for about 5 minutes and then my youngest was tired of that and started running around. I had one stand against the wall (the little one) for awhile. Then had one stand at opposite wall to just separate them.

I feel I should be able to do something like this and to go in. Have well behaved kids that just sit there and wait. Are my expectations far from the truth, that is what it should be? I feel broken that I am not attaining this... that I have been struggling with this concept for 9 years.

I have read " Parenting by the Book". This is the first parenting book that resonated with me. I have started the "Making the Terrible Two's Terrific"

I guess my question is, now that this has happened at the bank. What is my next step after the bank incident? Should I take away all their belongings? I have spoken about respect, taken plenty of things away ( this whole week they missed out on karate because they would not pick up their things). I guess I am just feeling powerless and broken (this is not my usual self)!

I would be so happy to hear your expert advise.

Much obliged,


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