Potty Training Refusal


We are on day 8 of the intervention suggested in Toilet Training without Tantrums. Our 37 mo son was partially potty trained with pee and a stool refuser. On the am of day 3, he went poop and pee within an hour of being behind the gate of the bathroom, and so we let him out. Since then, he has refused utterly. Twice he has pooped during naptime in bed, and admitted to using his hands to move the poop to the potty chair in his room. Today, he managed to climb over and also break through our better gate. So I took the gate off the bathroom but he is still upstairs because we have a gate at the top of them. He is throwing a fit, throwing things down, and just now some glass in a frame broke when he threw it down. We are at our wits end. If this method actually works, please, please, tell us what to do next. This is getting to the point of unsafe, as he tries to squeeze under the gate at the top of our very steep steps. Our 4.5yo daughter is a stool refuser and doing better, but still not fully trained. She's in the basement bathroom and much calmer. Pooped on her own in the potty yesterday afternoon.

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