Teen Prefers to Live with Daily Pot Smoking Dad


My just turned 13 year old son wants to see what living with Dad would be like after living with me and Stepdad (and visiting Dad and StepMom) over his childhood. Dad has a stable career and nice house. Dad is also a daily pot smoker with a completely different value system.

Dad has filed for custody after a failed plot to convince me to let the kid move in w/him, while staying enrolled in my district and using my house as a holding place until he gets off work each day. In just a few weeks, my relationship with my son has deteriorated quite a bit. He is resentful and difficult toward me and this side of the family.

I am at a crossroads and weighing whether to fight in court, or let go. If he were 15 or 16, the answer would be clearer. If I do fight, how do I reign in this kid who has been given way too much power?

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