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1 month ago I asked about potty training for my developmentally normal 3 year old. We are continuing to help her feel the consequences of sneaking off to poop in her panties however she continues to do this every day, often preceded by sneaking off to urinate first, then after cleaning up the urine she proceeds to poop and has to clean that up too. She has to take off the panties, clean her backside, bath, flush the poop, wash the panties, take out the trash, and put the laundry in the machine. Despite having to do all this work she continues to simply sneak off to poop and when she clearly has to poop and we help on onto the potty she cries and screams, says she cannot, and hold the poop for an additional 12-18 hours- however long it takes for her to find us distracted. Is there something additional we can do to make sneaking off to poop less appealing for her? She cries and cries when she has to clean up, every single time so she certainly doesn't like it but that hasn't nudged her behavior in the least towards trying to potty for pooping.

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