Ill-Behaved Grandchildren


My 4 yr old grandson is already in trouble in school for bullying. A classmate didn't want to go to school because he was afraid he was going to get hurt by my grandson again, who has apparently been picking on this child on the bus and in the lunch line. I have seen this behavior with him for quite a while, including kicking animals and picking on and hurting his cousins and have warned his mother he was becoming a bully. His father is not in the picture very often. I'm a big fan of yours, as I was raised exactly the same way you were, so I bought my daughter your book about raising a well-behaved child. I am very strict with him but she is very laid back and easy going, so she can't make him mind much at all. He is a smart kid and works hard, but can be sneaky, too. His mother has already received 2 emails from his teacher about his behavior, including having been sent to the principal's office today. This is only week 3 of school! Where do we go from here, besides reform school? ( PS: 20+ yrs ago, I made my 6/7 yr old son walk 7 miles to school [I followed in a car] in a snowstorm for acting up on the bus so badly that I was called to the principal's office about it. He's never forgiven me for that, but he never acted up on the bus again.) I'm stumped with how to deal with this kid and my daughter is completely frustrated. Thanks, Danielle
Does John have any articles about bullying or is there a book?

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