Bedtime for a teen.


I have a 9th grade stepson whose bio mother passed when he was 2. I married his dad when he was 5 and consequently raised him.
About 2 years ago he became a problem. He committed an act of vandalism and stole 2400.00 from me.
My husband makes excuses constantly for his behavior .
I have had to back away from him for various reasons.
My question is this: What is a reasonable bedtime for a 9th grader who gets up at 6 am? His dad doesn't care that he is still awake at 12:30 am when I go to bed. The tv is on in a sitting room and he has his phone with him.
Also my husband allows him to take his phone to his bedroom for the night, because "he uses it as an alarm clock". He has a fine clock which woke him up everyday last year for school.
I would like to show my husband an answer from an authority of parenting, since he won't listen to me.
Thank You.

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