"How do you get a child to do what he's told the first time he's told? Don't ever repeat yourself. "

Excessive Complaining


My question is about my thirteen-year-old daughter and her constant complaining whenever she's asked to do something that she doesn't want to do. She will get emotional and complain and argue, and tell me why she doesn't want to do it, how it's not fair, etc. But then she will do it. She almost always does what I ask, but lately it is super rare for her to do it without complaining. It's really frustrating that she complains so much before and while she does it. She changes the whole mood of the house and creates so much tension and brings so much drama. It frustrates me because I feel that doing things without complaining is an important character quality. The only time she doesn't complain about something is if she wants something. I feel like sometimes you need to do things without complaining because that's part of life. So, what do you think I should do when she throws a fit like this?

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