Calm Down Please!


My daughter is now 8 1/2 - through the years I have written to you about her personality - last year she was diagnosed with Dyslexia - which has explained where the low self esteem has come from. We now have her in a program at school for dyslexia and it has helped her tremendously! I am writing today because I was wondering if dyslexia has a role in other ways with her personality. She is a super sweet girl and never gets in trouble at school - however, over the last month in particular- we have noticed that she is so hyper (and she has had plenty to do to get the energy out) that when you ask her to calm down - she can't. I have pulled her aside and talked to her, put her in her room to read or take a break, had her go outside and jump on the trampoline or run - nothing seems to work. She is loud and can be disrespectful towards me which completely sets me off after trying to be so patient with her. I find myself losing my temper with her. She has told me that she doesn't know why she can't calm down....this also effects bedtime as it can take her up to 2 hours to fall asleep and this is after the fact that she tells me how tired she is - I have since been giving her a small amount of melatonin - which has worked. She isn't exactly doing anything wrong - just way too much energy and can't seem to calm herself down to the point it is hard to be around her. Have any advice?

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