Enough Talk?


Hello and Thank You for your help and guidance.
We last asked a question in April. Here we are in September, back again and most appreciative.
Our 7 year old was exposed to pornographic video on an iPad in the school bus two days ago by one of his 2nd grade classmates. I found this out this evening. I have allowed him 30 minutes of video game basketball, math fact practice, geography games, soccer, etc. if he has good behavior through the day. I have told him repeatedly that he may NEVER access or view YouTube. This evening, I noticed right away upon him giving me my phone, that YouTube was open and I was shocked. I didn't immediately look closely at what was viewed, but rather discussed with our son that he violated trust and broke a rule that was set. He cried. Ok. I then looked again and saw some nude pictures. WHAT!!?!! I thought. After telling our son that he needed to talk with me and I loved him no matter the circumstances, he shared that he typed in "naked girls" to search. He shared that a classmate has showed him this on the bus and they looked while riding home yesterday. He described how he felt like there was a civil war taking place in his brain between knowing it was wrong and being tempted by what seem funny and weird.
He saw a lot of graphic material. I repeatedly talked about how there will be many times that he feels that civil war in his brain and this inner voice is this is called a conscience. I told him that whenever he has this civil war thinking in his head going on to always try to side with the good side and to try to talk to trusted adults like me, dad, & grandma.
I am sad that he was exposed to this graphic material. Beyond my sadness, I am seeking your advice. Should we talk to him more, how do we discuss this, what do we say? Yes- I have a complete reality check about the internet and access! Thank you for your thoughts. Gratefully Yours

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