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I've been asking questions for a few years now about my daughter. I've read John's book "The Well Behaved Child." My question regarding my now 7 year old daughter is this: How do I discipline her when she lies? She is so strong-willed and justifies her behavior with her need or desire being enough. For example: She is not permitted to purchase from the school cafeteria. She brings her lunch every day. She consistently doesn't eat part of her lunch. I've taken all treats out and simply put sandwich, fruit and a veg. The not eating has been a struggle. Every meal is a struggle in terms of eating her healthy food.
On Friday, she bought pizza. Because she "was so hungry." But brought home her orange. I didn't discover this until I received the charge on the account. I've arranged for the cafeteria to not allow her to purchase and she had to pay for the meal out of her own money. But I don't know what consequences to give to make a significant impact. I see a pattern of her pushing and pushing....and now lying to get what she wants. I think about down the road and know we need to nip this now. But we are struggling to find a consequence that will make a difference to her! Please help us help her. I am struggling with interacting her daily. It feels like every single thing is a fight and she's only in 2nd grade. I want to enjoy my time with her and honestly, it's not fun. At all. Help!

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