Mealtime Meltdowns Revisited


This is a follow up question to a previously asked question about my daughter's eating habits at breakfast. Things have gotten off track a bit with the start of Kindergarten for my son. Now that we're used to the routine, I'm back to the timer system. This morning, I set the timer, was very clear about the expectation that she eat her bites before the timer ran out and whatever was left over at the end of her time would go in the trash. I gave her 1 or 2 reminders and did my own thing while she ate. My question is, what do I do if she hardly eats anything at all? That's what has been happening a lot lately, even at lunch and dinner, and it's difficult not to let my anxiety creep in as she is very tiny for her age. This morning I took the food away and put it in the trash, but as I said before she is a suspected hypoglycemic (unconfirmed). How do I handle snacks? I really don't want eating to be a battle as I know it can create awful problems down the road. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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