8 yr old not fair sis gets everything/sad


My 8 year old grandson is often a gregarious, fun loving child who loves sports. My son and daugher-in-law, who both work full time, have provided a fairly structured home life with routines for bedtime, morning prep for school, etc. For the past year, however, my grandson expresses anger (his word - "hate") toward his younger sister, saying she always gets what she wants. He states that he hates school (some acting out in 1st grade but his grades are ok now) and says he's angry because he does not get enough time with Mom. Both kids have been in daycare and preschool since they were eight weeks old. Grandson is highly self-critical, says bad things about himself, and confesses to Dad that he is sad and feels like crying all the time but does not know why.
Sounds like childhood depression to me. Grandson recently had tonsils removed after 10 bouts with strep throat during his young life. Your thoughts please? His professional therapy will begin soon.

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