8 yo No Birthday Celebration While Punished?


This is follow up question that was answered by Tim Bonzagni regarding "8 yro hurting others using ticket system."

After having the discussion with the 8 yro about hurting others and the lack of concern when he does, he hurt his 4 yro sister while they were playing with the computer. He knows he is not allowed to touch it without permission and has been punished many times for it. When his sister screamed, I found out he had been messing with the computer and sent him to his room (that was his last ticket). Anyway, there was screaming and yelling and shouts that he hated me, and so forth. No concern for his sister, etc. So we are enforcing what we said would happen, a week in his room. Our hangup is that his birthday falls before a week is up. How would you suggest we handle his birthday in the midst of this week in his boring room? (School starts this week, so he'll spend some of the b-day at school).

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