Sleepng arragements that got out of hand.


I have 3yo twin boys. We are dealing with terrible sleep issues. They used to sleep through the night from 12 months to 2.5 years. We did have to do "cry it out" method at 12 months for one of them which worked in only 3 days. However that was when they were in cribs.
The past 6 months both children have gotten sick (colds, flus, hand foot mouth, you name it) and we picked up the bad habits of 1) laying with them to get them to go to sleep and 2) allowing them to sleep in our bed when they wake up during the night. They are now in toddler beds and when I tell them "I love you, its bedtime, mommy is going out" they scream, cry and run out after me. I put them back in but they come back out. I don't know how to force them to stay in their room/beds? The crib was easy because they couldn't get out. Now I just don't know and I'm desperately needing normal sleep. Help.

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