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Morning Mealtime Meltdowns: Four-Year-Old Edition


I'm afraid we've created a mealtime monster. My daughter just turned 4. She is not a morning person. She's also a suspected hypoglycemic. This has not been medically confirmed because when I discussed it with her doctor she discouraged me from getting her tested since she would have to be in the midst of an "attack" before we could bring her to the lab and get blood drawn. She said it would be too hard on her this young. When my daughter gets "overly hungry" as I call it, she lays on the ground, or cries inconsolably, or falls asleep. Because of this issue, breakfast is a nightmare. There are tears, sometimes not much but sometimes a lot, and just generally she doesn't want to eat. Knowing that she needs a good meal to get going in the morning (especially when we have an activity to go to such as swim lessons or preschool or church), it sets the stage for a battle, and I often end up feeding her when she is perfectly capable of feeding herself. This morning was especially challenging...when I left the table to get my son ready for swim lessons, she simply sat there and didn't eat. This led to me telling her over and over to take her bites, and it took her FOREVER to eat! How can I get her to eat by herself in a reasonable amount of time and eat enough to prevent her being hungry or worse, having a hypoglycemia attack within an hour? I realize some damage needs to be undone and I'm ready for advice. I appreciate it!

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