3 yo Hitting


My boys are 11 months apart just turned 3 and 2. The older boy has taken to hitting and kicking the younger one lately. At first it wasn't too bad and I tried not to make an issue of it. I would distract him with something else or get them playing separately because the younger one tends to provoke the older one when they are playing. However things have gotten worse and now it is a daily occurrence. I tell him he cannot hit his brother and he needs to tell me if he's upset about something. He then defies me and goes and hits his brother. I have been putting him in his room for this and he stays there except meals and then he has to go to bed early.

I'm generally able to remain calm but I don't know that I'm getting through to him since he usually starts right up the next day with the hitting and kicking again and just being generally difficult.

He's two months past his third birthday so I feel he's too young for the ticket system and I have a hard time knowing if I'm registering with him when I tell him something.

Besides the hitting he throws a screaming tantrum when I take him to his room and hits and kicks me along the way also. Is there something else I should be doing to get him to stop this or is it just a matter of more time? Thanks

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