Toddler Bedtime Bedlam


My boys ages 3 and 2 have started sharing a bedroom. The older boy was always a good sleeper and would stay in bed when he had his own room. Now however the younger boy who just transitioned from a crib to bed has been instigating him and they get out of bed and tear the room up for hours at night. I've read many of the posts that say this wears off after several weeks if we parents just let them do their boyish things but it isn't wearing off in the least. It's been very nerve wracking to put them down and then hear them make noise and see on the monitor as they toss their potty around the room, bang headboard against the wall, climb the windowsill try and tear down the blinds, toss books off shelves. We've childproofed the room as best as we can but it's not a jail cell. The room has been stripped almost bare and it doesn't seem to us that it should be this way but instead there needs to be a way to relay to them a respect of the property and 'lights out' means it's time to be quiet and stay in bed. This is how it was before they shared a room and now it and their sleeping habits are going down the drain while we are waiting for them to wear themselves out.

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