Nearly 3 year old Won't Poop in Potty, Follow up


Re: Nearly 3 year old Won't Poop in Potty

Clarifying question. I realize I left a few key pieces of information out of my question which I want to clarify so that the answer will feel more relevant. I have already tried taking his undies off him during quiet time bc this is often when he poops and gating him. However, he poops on the floor and then picks it up and puts it in the toilet. (I know this bc of a video monitor.) that's why I went back to undies so that I could have some evidence of what actually happened when I wasn't there. (Smears in his undies despite the poop being in his toilet.) Does my dilemma make sense? He will poop in the toilet--he has a handful of times but nothing regular. It's not like he's scared to or refuses. It appears to me that's he simply too lazy to stop whatever he is playing with to go and poop. (We are still using the bell for potty. Very successfully but not self initiated. So he's having to self initiate even just a little with poop bc it requires walking over to the little toilet.) I'm not sure how to give him no other option. It's not like I'm giving him a pull-up. Please advise.

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