Nearly 3 year old Won't Poop in Potty


My almost 3 yr old son (bday in a few weeks) is still pooping in his pants. I read and followed Johns potty training book. The thing is he doesn't care about being messy. Poop running down his legs, oatmeal dropping out of his mouth, you name it. Messiest kid I've ever seen. And totally unaffected by it. By some small miracle he has the potty thing figured out and hasn't had accidents in months but no dice on the poop. He doesn't even come tell me after. Once I saw him walking around with poop in his undies and thought I'd watch to see how long before it bothered him. After 2 hours I helped him clean up bc I didn't want him to get a rash. But even then, unphased. He still has a paci to sleep (very attached) and so I explained him that big boys who poop in the toilet gets their pacis at bedtime. (Oxy moron I know--"big boys get their paci" ha!) for 2 weeks now he has gone without his paci at night. First 2 nights were rough but now he's ok at night. But still no poop in the toilet. At least we solved the needed exit of the paci. I've stayed calm with him and explained where his poop goes. I sometimes make him stand with his head on the wall while I clean up any mess his poop has made (which is often bc he's wearing loose undies like the book suggests and bc he doesn't come get me. He's an independent player so I don't always know right away. Anyway--thoughts? He only poops once a day so I'm hesitant to gate him bc his poop times are sporadic and he's doing so good with potty. Is he too young to send to his room for the rest of the day (or an hour or 2) when he poops in his pants? Although, as I said earlier, he plays so well independently, I'm not sure he'd even notice an hour by himself. I'm not even exasperated, just feel like it's time to nip this.

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