"To be an effective disciplinarian, you must be a model of self-discipline. "

ADHD Meds and Discipline


We have a 9yr old son who is on ADHD meds. We tried to take him off his medication with guidance from the doctors and he was an absolute train wreck. He was hitting everyone, cussing, spitting on everyone etc. When he was sent to his room, he was destroying everything in the room. He had absolutly no impulse control and lashed out constantly. I had to follow him around to make sure he wasn't hurting his siblings.

Because he was having so much trouble, he is back on his medication, with limited result. He still remains very defiant etc.

My question: Even if he continues to stay on ADHD medications, can his brain learn from the techniques John talks about or does he have to be off all meds to start the program?

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