A blip on her radar?


Hello- Last evening, I caught my 16 year old daughter who came home from a graduation party (with adults present) very intoxicated. She was throwing up in the bathroom w/ 2 girlfriends who were sleeping over and helping her. After confronting them, her friends & she explained that she was drinking everything in site all night long & they tried to stop her but to no avail. I had been suspicious of this type of behavior of late (going to parties/bonfires) & since also learned today that the suspicious is she stole alcohol from our house previously. Despite this very irresponsible behavior, she is very responsible at school & home,respected by teachers & adults and has good grades (A's & B's). She just turned 16, has her permit, and can't get license til October. She babysits now, has a job lined up for summer plus she'll be getting another one to carry thru school year. I plan on following the cash/car model in the Teenage book. Upon confronting her, she was crying hysterically, and was very worried/sorry about disappointing us. I'm looking for your opinion on what you suggest for a consequence. Thank you

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