"A child who has learned to pay attention to parents will go to school prepared to pay attention to teachers. "

Adult children taking sides.


We have 2 adult kids, 23 & 19 and they are being brainwashed & siding with my ex regarding a very critical & legal matter regarding a business/financial agreement for my elderly father of 87. My kids are siding with their dad & do not know all the facts. This has created a huge wedge for me & the kids. I've tried to discuss the truth with them but they only listen to their narcissist father & will not discuss anything for resolution. I'm so torn since we have all gotten along so well after the divorce 18 years ago. Unfortunately it had to become a legal matter when my dad was appointed a professional conservator who discovered financial elder abuse to my dad by my ex.

Please help me with wisdom for this terrible situation. Thank you in advance for your reply.

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