22 mo Night Training


Our son is 22 months old and is doing pretty well with getting to the potty during the day when he needs to, but he has yet to poop in the potty. He's had two accidents on the floor when he was playing, and we've cleaned them up, and he's told me where it goes, but most of the time, I think he just has a hard time letting it go. So now he goes about half-way through his nap. I let him nap naked from the waste-down today, and, predictably, he pooped in the crib about 45 minutes in. I whisked away the dirty towel, cleaned him up a bit (although there's more mess to work on when he wakes up), and fortunately he went back to sleep. Is this something that will resolve itself if I keep him bare for sleeping? I hate having his sleep disrupted. It would also be a lot easier to let him sleep in diapers (we were hoping to focus on night-training at about 2 1/2 when he was more able to get out of the toddler bed and put down a towel for himself if needed), but I don't want him getting attached to only going in a diaper.
So, I guess I'm asking: Is it time to nap/night train even though he's only 22 months and still in a crib? Would it hurt to wait?

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