What to Do About Squabbling Sisters?


My two girls, age 2 and 3 (21 mns apart), constantly fight when together (expect for 1-3 minutes at the beginning of play). My 3 yo is aggressive to her younger sister in the forms of hitting, scratching, bossing/bully, and making her do her work. The 2 yo has no trust with her sister and if the 3 yo comes close, the 2 yo will automatically defend herself by hitting, scratching, screaming and biting. I also have a 6mn baby and I can't watch these girls every second, nor should I have to watch them every second. I feel very paralyzed to accomplish minor tasks around the house because these two can't be trusted. I try to ignore some of the fighting, but they harm each other pretty good if I don't intervene after a minute. What are ways to minimize the sibling rivalry and build trust between the two?

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