9 year wants to know how woman get pregnant


I have a soon to be 9 year old adopted daughter (who was adopted at birth) that is starting to ask a lot of questions about how a woman gets pregnant. She is adamant that she wants to adopt children instead of getting pregnant when she is married, but fears that she has to get pregnant if her body is healthy and works right (she knows that I cannot get pregnant because I have had a hysterectomy). I have tried explaining to her that, even if she does have a healthy uterus and her body is healthy that she does not have to get pregnant...I have told her she has a choice. She was content with that answer for awhile, but now she wants to know why and how it is that she has a choice. Is she too young to learn about sex? Do you have any resources, such as a book, that could help me explain it with a Christian worldview? We are very open about everything when it comes to her changing body, etc, so I don't mind having the conversation...I just don't want to give too much information. (There are a couple of ladies we know that are pregnant, that is what has prompted this. She knows how a baby comes out and thinks it sounds painful and wants to avoid it! I have pointed out that many women do give birth repeatedly and they are okay, but I also tout the wonderful benefits of adopting as well! We are also foster parents and will possibly be adopting 4 year old twins). Thank you for your help:)

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