15 yo Slacker


My son (15) will be 16 in August; I'm a single mom he has 2 other brothers, 8,13; I juggle extracurricular activities for the 2 (15 & 12) with others peoples help; acquaintances, friends helping us out for pick up and drop offs.

My issue is that he (the 15 yr old) does not do his chores intentionally (Bathroom, clean room, fold laundry and vacuum) as assigned by me, and he keeps postponing and postponing and I end up doing it. But for some reason he always remembers to do his laundry, even though he won't fold it.

When I complain his extracurricular and sleep overs are his excuse, I know we are a busy household. Some sleepovers are tied to his games and most are for hanging out with his friends.

-My 15, has so much potential and can do so much at school but he won't all he wants to do is on grade level work which he gets b's and c's and a's.

-But does not want to be in the Honors or AP program. He only uses his phone for be on the internet and practice for; play/ watch basketball games to get a scholarship, what should I do.

I feel he needs to manage his time better on his phone, so he can do his chores.

I feel he lays a bad example for the younger ones and that I need to take his phone away permanently, till he finishes high school since he won't concentrate or is he playing me for a dumb mom that won't follow through? (which I think he is, playing me)

Thanks in advance

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