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Our 7 year old son asked me last night at our family dinner, "what does the word that is spelled F U C K .... mean?
When he asked, it was just me at the table, as my husband, had stepped away to take out the garbage.
I calmly told our son that we would talk about it when dad came back and changed the subject.
I didn't tell my husband about our son's question until after we put him to bed. We haven't brought the subject back up yet would appreciate some advice.
He has also recently asked us what it means when someone sticks up the middle finger. We have told him that it isn't a nice thing to do and that our family doesn't do that.
He seemed to accept our direction and answer.
We would really appreciate advice as to how to repsond to this new question about the meaning of the word, "fuck" .
Our son attends a very nice, safe, public school. We know he is going to be exposed to these things and don't want or plan to shelter him- but would really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!!

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