A Blustering 3-Year-Old and the Ticket System


We have four children. Our third child is a 3.5 year old boy. He is our most "spirited" child and has the vocabulary of a 6 year old. Our 2 older children (6 & 8) are more reserved. He is so sweet but very emotional and intense and increasingly displaying more angry behavior when things don't go his way. I know with more attention to discipline he would respond well. I want to start the ticket system but would like some guidance on where/how to start. Some of the behaviors we would like to work on with him: obey the first time; do not ignore parents when spoken to; do not squeeze, lick, or sit on baby sister; do not scream, hit or bite (when he is playing with siblings and things don't go his way); going to bed without a screaming fit (he shares room with 6 year old brother). He thinks he should be equal to his two older siblings and get the same privileges. Where should I start?! I think I struggle most with expectations. What childish behaviors should I ignore/ what needs to be disciplined? Thank you.

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