hitting, kicking, tantrums w/ 3 year old


i just asked you a question regarding my almost 3 year old ( will be 3 in July) - just some more information regarding the tantrums. They are unpredictable so practice runs may not work. I have had to take him with me to drop his 6 year old sister off at school and to pick her up. He has been managing to throw screaming, kicking violent tantrums when he does not get his way (almost daily last week). Everytime someone organises a park play for the children, I go along so my 6 year old can play with her friends but I have to bring my younger one along. I always tell them in advance what behaviour I expect, and what happens if they misbehave/disobey. But this has not worked.

Each time we have gone to one of these at the park, he ends up throwing a gigantic tantrum, screaming bloody murder, hitting me as hard as he can. kicking me, and then losing his shoe which results in more violent screaming. and I usually pick him up and leave immediately. But I get pummelled at on the way to the car. I usually buckle him in whilst holding his hand down to prevent more blows at me, and drive off home in silence. He will then kick and scream and try to engage me in a verbal argument. He talks very well for his age. I do no engage in any dialogue at this point. I feel sorry for his sister who also has to be taken home though she'd love to stay and play a bit more.

It's also been really really embarassing to say the least, as I have not seen other toddlers of the other parents in school behave like mine..I must be doing something wrong! What else can I do? The tantrums have greatly increased in intensity as he approaches 3. I thought they should have been dying down! When I was a child growing up, tantrums after 3 seemed more rare than nowadays. So I must not be handling it right. I usually put him in the laundry room and lock it for some peace, as he will defiantly run out and scream at me and probably hit me. Nothing we do seems to be stopping his tantrums!

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