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Heavy Sleeper & Bedwetting 5-year-old


My, now 5 1/2 year old, son was successfully potty trained at 21 months. Basically ever since, we have been trying to night train him but to no avail. He wears a pull up, which he hates doing because he is almost 6 so it's completely understandable, but if he doesn't, more often than not, he will wet the bed. We've attempted the night time training many times, only to give up after an exhausting few weeks of daily laundry. I know Dr. Rosemond's books recommend using one of those mattress/bells that alert the child but our son does not sleep in the same spot for more than a few minutes at a time, and we really don't want to invest in something that we don't envision helping. We also tried to wake him before going to bed ourselves, usually around the same time, and take him to pee, hoping therein to instil a natural habit, but it just didn't take. He is a very deep sleeper. We were wondering what else we could try, or if perhaps there could be an underlying medical issue? I read that sometimes constipation can be a problem, but he has regular bowel movements. Thank you for any advice you can give us!

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