More potty training!


JR, I think you're a genius (with quite a sense of humor!) and I see PT issues are HUGE on this website. Can I share my experience?
I didn't want the hassle, the struggles, the frustration, the ACCIDENTS, etc. I decided to be patient (I'm Greek-and this does NOT come naturally to me!) and WAIT until my son was 100% ready- not 75%, or 80 or etc. AT 3 YO, 3 months (told ya I was patient!) he said "mommy, I WANT to wear underwear!" That's it. Potty trained in 1 day. 9 months later, we've had a total of 3 accidents (too long playing outdoors!). The other advantage of waiting until they're "old enough"- from the get-go, he was able to undress himself, get on the toilet, WIPE, get dressed, wash his hands. Thank you, Lord!
The end.

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