21 month old - Potty Training Continued


In another post, we explained our issue with potty training our 21 month old and received a response which clarified our issue, however we are still confused about how to proceed. In a nutshell, our son warns us that he needs to go to the bathroom and we take him over to the potty and sit him down. As soon as he starts going he tries to stand up right away. We would hold his shoulders down until he finished. We realize now that we've created a power struggle and we shouldn't micromanage, but we still have the following questions:

1) If my son is pooping and tries to stand up and walk away from the potty, what should I do exactly?

2) JR recommends that when an accident occurs, that I take him over to the potty and sit him down. Should I still do this every time? If he gets up immediately should I just ignore it and walk away? He tries to stand up before I can even tell him that next time he should use his potty.

3) We can get him to sit (but produce nothing) if we show him pictures. We should stop all entertainment on the potty even if it gets him to sit, is that correct?

4) In JR's book he makes it seem that a child his age will freeze up and cry when they wet themselves. My son just says 'oh no' and calmly walks off. He doesn't even seem to mind being wet very much. Will this hinder our progress? Should we somehow tailor our strategy accordingly?

5) He doesn't pull up or take down his underwear/pants on his own. He's tried to sit down a few times with his underwear/pants on. Should we just keep him naked? How can we teach him how to pull up and down underwear? How do we set this up for success when he goes back to daycare?

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