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9 year old has tantrums & hits and bites the teacher


9 year old is second of 4 children all of which are very intelligent. This 9 year old started throwing temper tantrums at home and school in Kindergarten. He was put in IEP because of behavior after which he has been transferred to 2 other schools who were “more equipped to handle these tantrums”.

At home he is easily emotional and frustrated by older sibling’s behaviors* but has stopped the tantrums. In school he continues to throw furniture, kick walls, gets on top of desks, he runs away from teachers and now when they use hold tactics to stop him from hurting himself or others he recently started biting or hitting the teacher. It appears that math is one of his triggers. If he feels he is being treated unfairly or something is not to his liking it could set him off as well. Once he calms down he does the work. He says he can’t control his behavior yet he clearly understand right from wrong. At home he avoids chore mandates, but he works well with younger siblings, he compromises, is a peacekeeper and will avoid conflicts. He also has a severe aversion to “healthy” foods.

*history: (12 yr old brother has border line Aspergers and has a history of monopolizing conversations, being authoritatively bossy, resentful and aggressive to siblings. Behavior has not changed much with counseling either boy.)
Any advice would be appreciated.

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