Adult child's negative influence on minor siblings.


Dear John,
What is your solution to this? We have an older, out of the house child (30 years old), who is sowing seeds of discontent with his younger siblings (teens) who still live at home. He is making suggestions to these younger siblings that run counter to what my husband and I teach and want. We don't want to be looking at a mutiny down the road, nor do we want to have to address all the new complaints coming from the younger children (courtesy of their much older brother). Any suggestions? How to keep the at-home children in a positive mode with an eye to their spiritual and academic futures without this negative input is the issue, as well as obedience to us, the parents. Does this 30-year-old child get to come home for visits, family dinners? What about phone calls? How do you handle this.

Thanks for all your great advice.

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