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Do you have any advice how much of the sweet stuff kids should be allowed? We generally do not eat chocolates, lollies or cakes on a regular basis. If we do, it would be the occasional ice cream or chocolate once a couple of weeks. We do have some in the pantry. But it is accessed once a while only.

The problem is however, when my kids go to kinder or school, parties, or during Christmas and Easter, they get soooo many sweets and pester me whether they can eat them. I feel like a mean mum when I limit them (say, eat 1 or 2), and keep the rest. The rule of thumb I go by is not more than once a week. And I think once a week is lots. I don't really know what else to do apart from allow lots of sweets once a while during parties etc. But they do quickly add up to lots of sweets over time. If I don't feel the need to eat a ton of sweets even during special occasions, neither should the kids? Am I being too uptight about this?

On top of that, we have the regular saturday 'candy fest' (usually a lollipop) - after my daughter's piano lesson. My toddler is also offered a sweet. I generally allow this unless they are sick (though am unwilling to every single weekend). I don't know what else to do though! I have a piano lesson myself and sometimes bring my toddler along, and he gets sweets there too!

We have a whole candy jar full of sweets and chocolates from all the birthday parties, etc and I would willingly throw it all out. Have you any suggestions as to how I could manage this whole sweets/no sweets business without completely depriving my kids of their childhood?

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