Teenagers and Tone


I have 2 children a 15 year old boy (soon to be 16) and a 13 year old girl (soon to be 14). How do you handle the "tone" in their voice? I'm not good at being quick or creative with my punishment. I also understand at this age - it's normal. However, they have more tone with me than they do with their father. My husband (their father) gets on them when he hears them talk to me, but it only lasts for a period of time. They don't seem to understand - they only hear the words they say - they do not hear the tone in which they say them. They will show tone with there father at times, but he raises his voice and that's usually it. When they do it to me and I raise my voice - there's always comments like "Gee - I can't even talk around you without you taking it wrong." Please advise. Thanks

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