Potty Training without pants


I'm on day 4 of potty training my son who just turned 2. His older brother was potty trained quickly after we started putting him in the gated area and using the bell but this son doesn't seem to mind being gated in the middle of the room. He also refuses to pull down his underwear and I know he can do it. He's perfectly content playing and peeing in his undies in the gated area. I remind him constantly to put his pee and poop in the potty and have him help clean his messes. He has had some successes as long as I take his underwear down and I feel sure he understands what I'm saying. I've thought to separate him to the bathroom where he would be alone and more isolated but I'm not sure if that would be seen as punitive at this point and set him back further. Do I just stick with the gate or is there another way to motivate and move him along a little quicker?

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