Truth and consequences.


Last night my 10 year old confessed to having known the password for our tablet for a while and that is why he's been able to get more time on it to finish games. For months we've assumed it's been a glitch in the monitoring program that has been letting him go over the allotted time. Sometimes he adheres to the limit and usually comes to us to extend the time (once the time is up, he's locked out). So he did that enough to make it seem like he didn't know the password. In light of the confession and wanting to encourage being honest, we would like a recommendation on the best course of action in regards to consequences for this. It is something he's repeatedly lied about for months (for example, saying I don't know why it's giving me extra time and it caused my husband to research other monitoring programs thinking this one was not working properly.) Thank you for your advice.

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