Raising a Narcissistic Child?


Hello. I have been asking questions for about a year now . They have mostly centered around my husband and our 8 year old and how he refuses to make her listen and undermines my parentling.
Because of marriage stresses I recently began seeing a counselor. After listening to my situation this counselor said it sounds like your husband has narcissistic tendencies. After doing some research I believe that she is right about that. After confronting him and giving him an ultimatum he has agreed to start seeing a psychologist with me who specializes in people with narcissistic tendencies. We begin that counseling at the end of this week .
My question is, is it possible for a narcissistic parent to cause a child to also become narcissistic? He has been the primary influence in our eight-year-old's life because he has elbowed me out from using Dr. Rosemond's tools to make her behave and respect others for years. She has most of the narcissistic qualities that he has. Most children don't want to play with her, she has very little empathy for others, and when confronted with her behavior throws a tantrum like a two-year-old.
And believe me when I say I have tried. So again is it possible for the narcissistic parent to have such influence on the child that they too are completely narcissistic? Can that be reversed? I have done the tickets with her she has been sent to her room. Nothing seems to phase her when the punishment is over she's right back to it. Thank you for your help in this matter.

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