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7 yo Son and Overwhelmed Mom


I discovered John Rosemond about a month ago. I'm afraid I have fallen victim to psychological parenting and all the mommy “requirements” that dictate my day. I am currently reading two of his books. I'm finally understanding why my 7 year old son is violent, has constant temper tantrums and why I have resorted to yelling all day. Within the first week, he now gets ready for school, gets in the car at the first request, etc. I've stopped yelling. There is still so much to do and I am overwhelmed. I have so many habits I must break! But I have 2 problems. First, my husband, seeing the results of the last couple weeks, jumps in and tries to copy what I've been doing, he is inconsistent, and it just turns into a big mess and simple consequences last for days. He will not read the books. Secondly, when I send my son to his room for the night for threatening me, I must confine him to his bed for the night because moving toys out of his room is not an option for my husband. I give him books and Legos to play with on his bed and a 30 minute break to be roam freely in the house. Is that too strict? I was also considering having my son copy scripture verses when he speaks unkindly or violently to us or his brother. He hates writing and will throw a 45 minute temper. Is it wise to use scripture that way?

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