27 Month Old Toilet Training Naptime


Toilet-training for naps and/or night in crib: My 27-month-old has been enthusiastically embracing toilet training for the last month, and is usually dry when not in bed. I still remind her to use the toilet after meals, before car rides, and before nap/bedtime. A few accidents happen during meals.

My question is: how to train to be dry in her crib. She is naked waist down for naps, with dry towels for her to place on any wet accidents as in 'Toilet-Training Without Tantrums'. However, she loves to 'nest', and seems perfectly happy to lay down towel after towel. About half of the days, she wets several towels then sleeps for a short nap. The other half of the week, she spends hours wetting and replacing towels, with no sleep. She still very much needs this nap. We even tried putting a potty in her crib, but she only uses it for a bowel movement... and wets the towels. She's diapered at night because she has not yet been dry during any naps, and her night diaper is always heavily soaked. We're confused. Are we trying to train her to use a toilet when she needs it, or to hold her urine when in the crib? We don't seem to be getting anywhere, and we think we shouldn't put a naptime diaper on her, but some people say to wait to train in bed till she's dry through her naps (never has had a dry nap). Thanks!

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